Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Pick 3 Linky

It's that time again to linky up with the Inspired Owl and Pawsitively Teaching for the monthly Pick 3 Pins. I always enjoy going and selecting my favorite, but I also love going and looking through what other people choose for their favorite pins. 

Weight anchor chart, customary and metric:

Oh the joys of teaching measurement....Measurement is one of the hardest math standards, I believe, to teach fourth graders. It is really abstract for them to grasp, not to mention confusing because they have to learn US Customary and the Metric system for every unit of measure. I will be teaching weight this week, so I found this great anchor chart I am planning on using as a resource. 

Using Disney and songs to teach theme!:

This week I will be reviewing and reteaching theme. We gave our students a common formative assessment and the results were no bueno, so we decided to reteach theme. I found this resource on Pinterest and what a great idea to connect Disney songs to the theme. I have a feeling my students will love this idea. 

This activity includes: • A 2 page reading comprehension passage • 14 comprehension questions are included  • All questions are aligned to Revised Blooms Taxonomy Question Stems • Questions included multiple choice and open ended responses • Includes vocabulary that pertains to the reading of the text. • An answer key is included!  *DOWNLOAD the PREVIEW for a closer look at this activity!

Lastly, this week I will begin a unit on Native American's in relation to North Carolina. Like I have stated in previous post, I recently moved to North Carolina and I do not know any North Carolina history. In saying that the students and I this year will be learning the standards collectively. I found this resource that I am planning on using to help teach about the natives of North Carolina!


  1. Oh I LOVE the theme pin! That is just genius! And the math posters are not only helpful but adorable too! Thank you so much for joining us and linking up! :)

  2. Measurement is a tough standard to teach. I love this measurement anchor charts. It's a colorful way to review the concept.

  3. Teaching theme with Disney songs is genius! Songs are so easy for kids to remember. Love it!

  4. I love the theme idea! It is such a hard concept for students to grasp but I think this might help! Thanks for linking up and sharing such great ideas!