Saturday, June 6, 2015

Currently June 2015

I am linking up with a fellow fourth grade teacher Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade. Love her spunk, her blog, and her passion to help the fur babies of the world.

  • I am currently listening to Dateline (my favorite show) on my DVR and listening to the neighbor water her lawn.
  • I am currently loving that today marks exactly one week until I marry my best friend.
  • I am currently thinking I have a lot to get accomplished this week like planning our honeymoon!
  • I am currently wanting to go to the gym today.
  • I am currently needing to go by the school and set up my new classroom since I moved across the hall.
  • I am currently summer lovin workout clothes, bathing suits, flip flops, and lemonade. 

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Also she is doing a donation to help out the furry friends in Wimberly, Texas please go and donate to help. 

June Pinterest Pick 3: Summer Inspiration

I am a little late linking up for this Pinterest pick, but better late than never. I have been so busy on my first week off of summer break finalizing wedding plans. I made my list and checked it twice. Yes I have only been out of school for a week, but I am already thinking about next school year. The following are different ideas I plan to utilize next year. 

First off I love the idea of interactive notebooks. Have I successfully used them throughout a whole school year no, but I do wish to implement them next year a stick to them. I like this post because it gives the teacher ways to successfully use them without losing your mind and keeping your sanity.

Does it drive you crazy to see your students shuffling through the notebooks trying to find their next empty page? Do they constantly leave empty pages between entries? Do YOU hate having to spend time finding the page you are looking to assess? Then, the cutting corners method is for you! When you assess notebooks, cut the upper right corner. Just place your thumb on the upper right hand corner and flip…you're on a fresh page! Ta-da!

I don't know about you, but in Georgia we implemented a new standardized test this year that had a TON of writing. My students were basically expected to write like high school students and use evidence based reasoning to support their ideas. My students were not familiar with the words cite, evidence, support, etc. coming from a home where English is not their first language is difficult in setting the bar so high that it is almost unreachable. I did what any teacher would do and had to train the students to write to the test. Shhhh I didn't say that, but yes I did. Writing in my opinion should be creative and expressive, but that is not what the test clearly wants. They want research, evidence based logic. 

We're Big on Evidence | 21 Cool Anchor Charts To Teach Close-Reading Skills

I have created tons of standards based task cards on TPT and I love these ten ways to use them effectively. Go check it out!!

10 Ways to Use Task Cards for Test Prep

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Made It

Boy oh boy it is time for another link up with the wonderful 4th Grade Frolics!! This is by far one of my most favorite link up blog posts. Today was my official first day off from work for summer vacation and I sure got a lot accomplished. I am going to share some of the new thing-a-ma-jigs that I have made recently and some oldie but goodies. 
Numero uno- I am going to showcase some math task cards that my students love. I typically use them as a review tool after I have already taught the lesson, or I use them to help with differentiation. The first one is a sponsor freebie currently, so grab it while you can. The other two are just ones that I am choosing to highlight this month. 
Common Core: Number and Operations in Base Ten: Place Value
Common Core: Measurement and Data: Units of Measurement
Common Core: Measurement and Data:Elapsed Time
Numero-dos (not sure why I am attempting to speak Spanish. I guess because I have had three years of it and still cannot speak a lick to communicate effectively. Anyways, I am highlighting for number two a few of my science task cards. Another set of students favorites I might add. 
Common Core: Science Standard: States of Water
Common Core: Science Standard: Simple Machines
Common Core: Science Standard: Light and Sound
Numero tres- might as well keep with the Spanish theme. These are my newest products for 5th grade social studies. They are great support material to use while teaching, after the lesson has been taught, or just review. 
Common Core: Social Studies: Basic Economic Concept
Common Core: Social Studies: America in the Turn of the Century
Common Core: Social Studies: United States 1950-1975


I am absolutely thrilled to announce my new adventure. I was asked by Karen over at Hadasa Designs to be a part of a blog to offer free products for teachers. Come on you know you deserve it!! And who doesn't love FREE!!!! The blog is called Fabulous Freebies for Teachers go check it out. Basically every week there will be a different group of grade level teachers to offer free products. All you have to do is sign up for the rafflecopter to win and BAM freebies delivered to your email, after the drawing has been completed. This week on June 5th I am offering one of my best selling products up for grabs Maps and Globes Task Cards. Take a gander at them below. Don't forget to go sign up on Friday!!

Common Core: Social Studies: Maps and Globes

Some examples from the freebie:

Common Core: Social Studies: Maps and Globes  Common Core: Social Studies: Maps and Globes Common Core: Social Studies: Maps and Globes