Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Made It

Boy oh boy it is time for another link up with the wonderful 4th Grade Frolics!! This is by far one of my most favorite link up blog posts. Today was my official first day off from work for summer vacation and I sure got a lot accomplished. I am going to share some of the new thing-a-ma-jigs that I have made recently and some oldie but goodies. 
Numero uno- I am going to showcase some math task cards that my students love. I typically use them as a review tool after I have already taught the lesson, or I use them to help with differentiation. The first one is a sponsor freebie currently, so grab it while you can. The other two are just ones that I am choosing to highlight this month. 
Common Core: Number and Operations in Base Ten: Place Value
Common Core: Measurement and Data: Units of Measurement
Common Core: Measurement and Data:Elapsed Time
Numero-dos (not sure why I am attempting to speak Spanish. I guess because I have had three years of it and still cannot speak a lick to communicate effectively. Anyways, I am highlighting for number two a few of my science task cards. Another set of students favorites I might add. 
Common Core: Science Standard: States of Water
Common Core: Science Standard: Simple Machines
Common Core: Science Standard: Light and Sound
Numero tres- might as well keep with the Spanish theme. These are my newest products for 5th grade social studies. They are great support material to use while teaching, after the lesson has been taught, or just review. 
Common Core: Social Studies: Basic Economic Concept
Common Core: Social Studies: America in the Turn of the Century
Common Core: Social Studies: United States 1950-1975

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