Welcome to my classroom! In order for me to accurately give you a glimpse into the fourth grade funky town that I work in I thought you might need to have a few (and I say that word lightly) pictures. I say a few lightly due to the fact that today when I stopped by school on my winter break to take pictures I was snapping left and right like Lady Gaga (pa pa papararrazi). My room is located on the third floor at our school about half way down the hallway. This picture is looking out of my door to the left.

Here is the view from the right. Yes the hallways are huge. The school I work in was originally built to be a high school which it was for many many years. My grandmother actually graduated from this school. It was changed to a junior high and was a that for quite some time. I attended this school as a junior high (before middle school was a thing). Since 2003-2004 (I believe don't quote me on that) it changed to an elementary school. The lockers were removed from the hallways and here you have large boards covering up the wholes left behind by the lockers and herein lies the large hallways. If you look closely you can see the extra large subway tiles circa 1930's.

Side note yes those are my boards to the right and yes that red paper falling off belongs to me, guilty as charged. The boards began the year amazing thanks to one of my wonderful accountant friends who came and used her creative juices to bedazzle my boards. We are now almost to March and yes the boards are tattered and torn to smithereens. I think there is chocolate milk stains splatter on one.

Welcome to the jungle where nothing but learning happens............NOT!

Here is my lovely door tag and mailbox (soon to be Mrs. Palmer booya).

I had to zoom in so that you could see the name on the curtain. No worries I got my mom to make two, planning ahead because I knew I would be getting my MRS degree soon!

Please don't judge, like I said these pictures were taken in late February and so this is my classroom in real life like today.

I have the desks set up into three tables as shown here.

Here is a snap shot of my desk corner.

This is my guided reading table. I made those little seats this summer which was not that hard, but quite the adventure.

Here is another little bench area of seating.

We try to be bucker fillers in our classroom (when we remember it).

This bookcase houses all of my math manipulates in protein powder containers turned into fancy smancy containers. The kids love that everything in them smells like chocolate.

This corner is the classroom library.

This shelve houses my read alouds for the year.

All of the bins are labeled with my chevron genre labels found on TPT.

The next few pictures are of my back wall of bulletin boards.

This bin has all of my students writing in. They are numbered folders that they students put their published work in when they have completed their rough draft, edit and revised copy and then published their piece of writing.

These have our blank writing papers, revision pens, and paper clips and other supplies needed for writing.

This basket is located to the left of the writing area, it houses their homework folders that I check daily.

My extra anchor charts are hanging here in the corner of the room.

The next few pictures are the students bins, that are numbered and house their reader's notebooks, writer's notebooks, buddy study folder and other random assortments.

Here are my storage cabinets with the students birthday posted.

Here is an inside view of the madness.

Yes I am old fashion and used a clip chart to manage the little hooligans. Hey what can you say it works.

Well there it is folks, my classroom in a nut shell. Please feel free to comment and ask questions! Thanks for stopping by.

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