Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Donors Choose

I have discovered in teaching at a new school in a new state a lot of methods, resources, and just plain old stuff is different (excuse the use of the word stuff I realize that is not using academic language, bleh). In learning new procedural techniques and adjusting I have learned that I am in despair without my iPad, that was provided from my other school. During my guided reading block of time, I have found multiple uses for an iPad. First a few apps are essential, those being Level Book and the Running Record app. Level Book keeps up with all of your running records for each student. It will allow you to go back at any time and replay the reading and is great for data tracking, which unfortunately is a huge part of teaching....data....The school I am currently a part of does not provide iPad's for teachers in grades 3-5th, thus posing a problem. In stating all of this I have written a donors choose project to hopefully fund an iPad for our guided reading instruction. If you would like to donor towards our goal we would greatly appreciate it. You can click the image below to go to our site to read, digest, and donate towards a great cause. Thank you!!

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