Friday, April 3, 2015

Currently April

I am a little late posting my currently April by linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade. I love getting to read and catch up on what every one is up to each month. This month is going to be crazy busy for me and looks like a lot of other people. I am wrapping up my last day on spring break and I am anxiously waiting for next week to begin. We start our Georgia Milestones testing on Wednesday, so say a prayer because we will need it. State testing is one of the most grueling processes in teaching. Anyways back to currently take a look below to see what I am up to!


  1. Oh my goodness, the reason for your name...HA!!!!!! I have the day off too and it's going to take a lot to pry me off of this couch! We had our spring break 3 weeks ago, so this day off was much needed.
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples

  2. You're name is great! And good luck with your wedding plans! That was me about a year ago. And yes, it is always nice to have time off, but I always get excited to go back and see my students!

  3. Love the story behind your blog name! Good luck with your state testing! We just finished the Smarter Balanced assessment this week... it was tough! Hope all goes well for you!
    - Stacie
    Smocus Smocus

  4. Love your name story! I have not found so much with Fourth graders, but when I visit the 5th-8th grade class across the hall it always smells like *emitted gas* and dirty socks. ALWAYS. lol.