Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July 2015

As I sit here and try and catch up on all the month blog posts I am reflecting of my summer so far. Hello July nice to see you again and at the same time sad to see you again. July is one of my most favorite months partly because of it beingin the summer and partly because it is my birthday month. Another part of me knows July is the count down to the end of summer break. Now that is depressing! I am linking up with Farley for the Currently July 2015 to see what other are up to and to see if they are loving July like I am.

  • I am currently listening to Back to the Future on AMC. The hubs loves this movie and it is on repeat since it is the 30th anniversary of the movie release.
  • I am currently loving that I am getting things accomplished and catching up on my long over due blog posts. Hello again friends!
  • I am currently thinking I need to be sleeping at 1:26 am which is my current time, but jet lag got me going all night. You wouldn't think a six hour different would lead to Eastern Standard Time insomnia, but it does. 
  • I am currently wanting to get my etsy store up and running. I posted a couple of selections offered by Palmer Prints, but I really need to post all the ones that I have done. Since I made all the invitations for my wedding showers, and everything else wedding I figured I should share the love. 
  • I am currently needing to go do an overhaul in the closet. It is what I like to call a situation. I need to do some spring cleaning on my summer break if you get my drift.
  • I am currently all star getting my workout groove in order. It's about dern time. 
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  1. I LOVE Back to the Future!!! You know the scene where Marty and Doc are first testing out the Delorean in a parking lot before Doc gets shot? It was filmed at the mall that I frequented a lot my senior year of HS. I always think about Back to the Future when I am at that mall. Enjoy your summer break!

    A LoveLi Class

  2. Back to the Future is a great flick, but really I hope your jet lag rights itself soon and you'll get back on track to get the things done that you want. Congrats on your etsy store and wedding.

  3. Your description of your closet as a "situation" made me laught out loud! I have two rooms and three closets that could be described the same way! I am trying to do a little at a time so that I don't get overwhelmed! Good luck with your projects and best wishes on your Etsy store!
    Stories and Songs in Second

  4. I love that your sharing your wedding ideas and printables on ETSY! I just got married and we made EVERYTHING... I was actually under budget that never happens.
    Good luck!