Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work it Wednesday

I am linking up with Katie over at Queen of the First Grade Jungle. If you don't follow her on Instagram let me tell you that you must go an do it now. I follow her and get to see the adorable photos of her sweet children that she posts. I am also jelly that she lives in Charleston. She is very inspirational that she manages her family, work, and fitness life so well. In her blog post she discusses her challenges getting back into the groove of working out. I didn't just have a baby, but I feel like I have been off the workout train for a while. I got sick a week before the wedding which set me back, then I went on an eleven day honeymoon to Hawaii. Wes and I ate whatever we wanted which most days included dessert (which we never partake in because you know that's a sin). Basically what I am getting at is that I haven't completely gotten back my routine yet. I really tried to bust my tail before the wedding, but I don't want to be a slacker and gain 30 lbs the first year of marriage. I was at Wal-mart picking up a few things the other day and ran across the cutest Danskin tanks that I had to buy them to motivate me to head to the gym.

This is just one of the many tanks they have with a cutesy logos. A lot of them were about running and no I am not a runner, but I still bought one because it was my favorite color....PINK!

Here is a picture from the balcony of our Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel room on Wakiki Beach. Check out the competition I have for biceps. #lostcause #nevergonnamakeit #whyeventry #immarriedtohulk #superherohusband


  1. You are TOO sweet and I love a good flex picture- ha! Thank you so much for linking up and good luck this week! Katie

  2. It's so easy to get off track and so hard to get back on. Or at least this is true for me. Congrats on your wedding!!

    The Busy Busy Hive