Monday, October 20, 2014

About Me

Well about me.... Let me see I am twenty nine years old and I recently got engaged this summer to the man who God created for me. I know it sounds cliche saying that he "completes" me, but in all truth he does. He is a God fearing, mamaw cooking, body building, tender hearted, manly man.
His name is Wesley (aka Wes) Palmer. He is younger than me by a few years, but whose counting when you are a cougar. In December we will have been dating for two years and we will be getting married June 13th, 2015. We are in full wedding mode including cake testing, meeting with photographers, caterers, venues, florists etc. Who knew that a wedding was like having a part time job. Luckily I have booked all the important items and I have ordered a dress, so I feel ahead of the game. Along with all the other stressors I have in my life, I have created a small wedding sweat shop in my spare bedroom. I'll post pictures of all my creations. Back to me, I am a daughter, a younger sister and a dog lover/mom. I have a West Highland Terrier whose name is Duncan and a Maltese whose name is Max.

I recently acquired my parents dog whom they wouldn't let me have when I moved out, but have recently reconsidered. He is a Yorkie whose name is Bentley. Needless to say Wes and I are total push overs when it comes to dog care. I am currently in my second year of teaching fourth grade. I really enjoy the intermediate age group of kids who get my humor and yet still have a healthy level of fear. As I stated earlier, I have an older brother who is married and I have a beautiful mini me niece. This is Lilli and she is ten and will be playing the role of maid of honor in our wedding. I can't wait to let her dress up like a princess.
Basically that is me in a nut shell. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to ask questions. 

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