Friday, October 31, 2014

We're off to see the Wizard the Wonder Wizard of Oz

Of course today being Halloween and all my fourth grade team decided to dress up like the Wizard of Oz characters. I just finished reading the book to my kiddos in September. Thanks to my searching skills I found the scarecrow makeup on Pinterest as you see here.
I'm grateful to Wes's family who dressed me in circa 1999 Calvin Klein overalls, his uncles flannel shirt and crazy Aunt Lynn's hat. Here is a pictorial of the rest of my crew. 
All we are missing is the cowardly lion, but due to budget cuts last year our fourth grade got downsized. On a side note, I was worried about not having enough goodies for our "fall" party because we can't say Halloween anymore. Well I learned these kids can throw party I have more party supplies, cookies, chips, drinks and candy to suffice an entire school year. 
Here is just a little bit of our madness. I'm pretty sure my kids are in a diabetic coma at our annual Pantherfest. Our school's mascot is a panther and every year we have a fundraiser with inflatables, karaoke, face painting, a haunted house, a pumpkin contest and oh let's not forget the pony rides ( although one of my kids thought they were unicorns). 

I almost forgot to post a picture of our class pumpkin. 

Oh and let's not forget my lovely parents homemade costume as Phil and Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. 

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  1. Phil and Miss Kay? I love it! Your class pumpkin is great.
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