Sunday, October 26, 2014

What's in a name?

First let me begin by giving you back ground information on the history of 4th Grade Funky Town's legacy. Last year was my first year teaching and fourth grade is where I began my journey. Yes the struggle is real teaching fourth graders, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My class last year consisted of twenty three of the highest children in our grade level, no EIPs, no ELLs, no ESS and no CRCT failures. WOW was I spoiled or what? For my first year it was a blessing in disguise. Those little boogers kept me on my toes all year long. To be quite frankly honest I don't know who learned more last year, me or them. I'm leaning towards the first answer. Those children taught me a lot of management skills that I wouldn't have today if not for their smart little, "chatty Kathy's" mouths. Herein is where it all began. Last year after lunch and recess we would come back to class and begin our Reader's Workshop, which began with a read aloud every day in our community area. When I say every day I mean every day without failure, a child would come to the community rug to crop dust the entire area. Crop dusting according to urban dictionary is expelling gas while walking and therefore creating one stinky area. I would say, "Oh my goodness it smells like funky town in here." The kids would then say, "Ms. Griffin get the funky spray." They (no lie) would fight over who could spray the funky spray around the room. I don't know that more of an explanation is required. Here is where 4th Grade Funky Town came to fruition. Here is our field day photo from last year.

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