Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Insta Pics of 2014

As I am coming off the high of Christmas, I sit down to my computer to see what's going on in the blogger world. I see on my blog lovin' account that there are many posts about the top ten instagram pics of 2014. I am linking up with Teachery Tidbits for top ten pics from 2014. If you don't currently follow me on instagram go check out 4th Grade Funky Town. I post a variety of pictures anywhere from teaching, wedding planning, adventures, proud dog mom pics, and the list goes on and on. Here are the top ten pics from over the last year. Here goes (do realize this is very difficult to select the top ten pictures from the entire year).

 This would be the "original" fourth grade funky town bunch. This was field day back in May. Please go to read my post What's in a name? to find out the full scoop about the history of the name. 

Lord help me if I decide to go on a painting adventure again. I think boredom had set in and I almost bit off more than I could chew with this Moody Blue Sherwin Williams adventure. 

This was the beginning of my quest to begin to design and sell products on TPT. I set out with a goal to get atleast 100 products by the end of the summer. I some how surpassed my goal and I now have over 200 products. I am still trying to advertise and get the word out that I sell a variety of product for 3rd-5th grade. 

Who doesn't love a Pinterest DIY project. Amongst the many DIY projects I ventured out to accomplish this past summer this is one of them. I made this stools for my reading table and they have had great success. 

 I read this book in only four short days while basking in the sun on the beach this summer. Let me first say that I am not an avid reader, but this book is amazing and every teacher should read it at some point in their career. 

This picture is the second day of school this year. It amazes me that we are basically half way through the school year already. This group of kiddos is so special to me, and I wouldn't trade any of them (not even THAT child in every classroom). They really are a great group.

Another DIY project except this one was designed by me. I didn't copy this idea from somewhere else. I ordered the vinyl decal from Jane.com (if you have never been there then stop what you are doing and go now). The pallet was from my dad's barn and he took it apart and nailed it back together so the slats would not have any spaces between them. I applied the decal and modge podged over it to secure it.

These were not our actually engagement pictures, these are ones that my dad took at my parent's house. They really turned out grade and are sentimental because my non picture taking dad took them. He did great!

Sorry to keep bringing up the engagement and wedding this, but this picture was taken right after he proposed and has so much meaning.

Yet again here I am blabbering about our engagement, but this picture takes the cake (no pun intended) for the best of 2014. This is a picture of my engagement ring and it is so valuable to me. The stone is actually a family heirloom from Wes' family, which make it even more important to the both of us. 

So there you have it....my Top 10 Insta Pics of 2014!


  1. Love that pallet! Where did you hang it? Jane is sooo addicting! I get myself in trouble on that site. Oh, and I have a Wes, too <3

    Teachery Tidbits

    1. Thanks for the comment! It's always nice to know people are reading your blog. I hung it above my love seat in my living room. I am trying to find cute frames to put our engagement pictures in to hang around the pallet. I love that you have a Wes too. Shouldn't everyone have one?