Thursday, November 6, 2014

Engage New York

About a month ago our math coach decided to have us embark on a new journey. This journey, like most, has its ebbs and flows. The program is Engage New York it includes free lesson plans, pacing guides, assessments, and all lessons are common core standards based. My fourth grade team was reluctant at first, but after teaching module 2 we feel a little less apprehensive about it. Module 2 included metric units of measure for fourth grade. It is somewhat scripted lesson plans, but I pick and chose what I deem as important material and what is too much for the kiddos. In the beginning, I felt the need to drink a five hour energy drink before beginning my lessons because I was basically teaching for the entirety of the ninety minute math segment with no individual practice (not because it wasn't offered, but because I felt the kids couldn't work on their own). Below is an example of just the first page from lesson 1 from the module 2 I just completed.
Each lesson includes what they call a problem set (individual with little assistance):
an exit ticket:
and homework:
After so many lessons have been complete there are mid-module assessments and end of module assessments. 
Also I don't want to forget my kids favorite part, within some lessons there are also sprints. A sprint is a timed worksheet that the students have to use their minds to accurate and quickly jot down math facts. The program Engage New York is designed to cover multiple standards within each module. The way the lessons are designed use different tactics and ways to teach and implement the common core standards. I will say the lessons will challenge you and your students, but in a good way. At first you will feel defeated, but I promise it gets better. If your school doesn't have any set of framework and guides lessons, then I suggest you try it out. It is designed for a multitude of grade levels. You can find it here:/


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