Friday, January 2, 2015

Five for Friday


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Yesterday I went by the school to run some copies for the next few weeks of school for reading, language arts, buddy study (which is our spelling) and homework. I was there for an hour and a half trying to make sure everything was in order for Monday. I now have the Christmas break blues. One.Weekend. Left....

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In researching a more intensive workout, I ran across a fitness model Stephanie Buckland. Can I say wow! I am jelly she looks great. I am planning on beginning her workout regimen to get wedding dress ready by June. When I'll probably end up looking like Mama June off of Honey Boo boo with good intentions.  

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I just got a great deal on my everyday dinnerware for a shower gift from my mom. I found the deal and she bought me twelve place settings for a shower  gift.  The only place I found the dishes I loved was Kohls. I know what you are thinking Kohls has cute dishes?! Actually they do. Most are online only and they don't have a great selection at our store, but I really loved these beaded ones. 

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Chalkboard Floral - Signature White Wedding Invitations - Coloring Cricket - Orange Sherbet - Orange : Front
I really love these wedding invitations, but I haven't made up my mind yet. They are not traditional black and white with raised letters, so my mom will probably fight me on that one. She thinks we need to adhere to wedding etiquette. Blah! I mean yes my wedding is a six pm, but that doesn't mean it has to be a black tie event. 

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Do I have any other Georgia bloggers who are concerned with the new state testing this year. I have attended multiple meetings regarding the changing of the CRCT to the GMAP test. Yikes stripes fruit stripe gum!?! This test is more rigorous than the CRCT by a long shot. Considering the CRCT is a struggle for the students at my school. I am planning on the failure rate to sky rocket. This is also a concern due to the fact our raise will be based next year off of test scores (yes my income is based off of nine year olds). Whoever thought of that obviously has never taught in an elementary school. I am hoping for the best, but I am concerned. 

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