Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hump Day Highlight 1.28.15

 This product was originally created for kinders, but has been revamped and extended for upper grades. Teachers will have 3 style choices to choose from with areas covering: -title -author -illustrator -character -setting -sequence of events -problem -solution -plot -theme

I am linking up with Mrs. Stanford's Class for Hump Day Highlight. Today as I was teaching guided reading, my green group (which is Fountas and Pinnell level U) had an assignment from the previous time we met that they were eager to share. We are reading African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies and they had to write me a letter from the perspective of being a slave. I told them to write to me about what their job was, how their master treated them, about their family, etc. This is what I got....amazing....

I even had a few read their's aloud too, so that y'all would get the full effect.

I am posting a link to my TPT store 4th Grade Funky Town for my guided reading lesson formats that include non-fiction, which is the one I used for this specific lesson and fiction

Guided Reading NonFiction Book Format

Guided Reading Fiction Book Format

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