Friday, January 23, 2015

Five for Friday


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky. Please note my editing may be a mess I am currently in my planning period and I am freakishly typing to complete this blog post before I have to go pick up my kiddos.

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Last night I made these Trisha Yearwood's Power Balls for a quick snack to take to school with me and they are amazing. Due to lack of time to roll them into balls I pressed them into a tupper ware container and just forked out the snack size amount to eat today. Delish!

Check out the recipe here.

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Love this quote and picture!

Update on my fitness tracking: I have successfully been to the gym four days each week since the first and three out of the four I have completed at least 30 minutes of cardio either on the elliptical or the treadmill. Baby steps here....

Update: the picture from my elliptical workout 45 minutes yesterday boo ya!

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Who has any fabulous ideas for Wes' birthday. His birthday is Feburary 9th and he will be a whopping age of 27 (yes I am robbing the cradle just a little). For Christmas we went on a mini vacation to see the Christmas lights at Callaway Garden. It was my idea and it turned out to be a huge flop. He wasn't thrilled about it and neither was I. He prefers to go to Gatlinburg, but I wanted to try something different. Should I plan a spontaneous trio for his birthday to make up for the disastrous Christmas venture?? They have some great deals on Groupon (and I love me some deals).

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So I am seriously thinking about doing a mega shopping trip and working like a horse to cut up and prep meals for Crock pot dinners. From what I have read it takes anywhere for 1-4 hours to prep for 30 days worth of meals. Now that Wes is in his last semester of school my personal chef has flown the coop and I am dead after school and therefore have no energy to cook. Have any of you ever tried it? Pray for me as I attempt it this weekend.

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Who is ready for the summer? This girl sure is. I can't wait to get married, but best of all I can't wait for the honeymoon because we booked it to HAWAII!!!!! My parent's went on their 25th wedding anniversary and I haven't heard the last of it since then. We are super excited. We will be staying on Oahu and Maui. If anyone has already been and has tips or advice on where to eat, what to do, or anything else please let me know!!

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  1. I've never been organized enough to even plan a WEEK of meals, but my friend plans, preps, and freezes lots of meals at once and LOVES how much less stressful it is. It sounds totally worth it. Now if I could just make myself DO it! Have a great weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency