Friday, November 28, 2014

Five for Friday


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 

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Happy Black Friday! Who all stood in lines last night in the cold to get a good deal? Not this girl. I have gone out and forged the crowds many times before, but this year I decided to stay at home and do a little online shopping. I am crazy enough to be planning on going to Atlanta today to shop around and have dinner. 

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Yesterday we had Thanksgiving lunch with my family, which was nice to see my niece since she recently moved to Nashville. She is the most precious little being I have ever met, although I am partial to her due to the fact that she is my niece. After lunch with my family, we went to my fiance's families Thanksgiving dinner, needless to say I ate my weight in food yesterday. 
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Since I feel like a fat heifer cow, I must do some sort of workout before I go shopping today. I am working on my bridal boot camp in preparation for June and the struggle is real around the holidays. I frantically found a quick dumbbell workout I may be able to squeeze in here at the house before I leave. The photo is compliments of Pinterest. 

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Currently my store 4th Grade Funky Town  is having a Black Friday sale and also a Cyber Monday sale December 1st. Please go check it out and shop around. A lot of other stores are on sale as well. 
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I am not ready to go back to school Monday after a week long break, but I will find the caffeine to get me there. We have three weeks until Christmas break and I know the time will fly by. After Christmas break it is a down hill spiral, so I am pumped about that since I am getting married this summer. Cheers to that!!

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