Saturday, November 8, 2014

Veteran's Day

In an effort to teach my students the difference between a Veteran and a Veternarian I walked them down to the court house for us to admire the lawn. Every year for patriotic holidays our court house puts out flags to adorn their yard.

They always do a great job, so what better opportunity to give my kids a chance to get out of the school and learn about our soldiers who have fought for us. While talking to them about the branches of the military I had one student inform me that the first branch was the judicial branch. Bless it. Yes honey that is a branch of the government, but not the military. Oh our walk around the square, my aunt (who happens to work in my classroom daily) had gone to town to run by the post office. She drove by U.S. And when she saw it was my class parading around she promptly pulled in and joined our March. 
Here she is with my little crazies. Most days I'm pretty sure they would rather have her as their teacher (because she basically comes in to spoil them and leaves me to do the dirty work because oh yeah that is what I get paid to do). I'm planning on using a great resource this week from Bow Tie Guy from teachers pay teachers this week. He has a free resource currently on Veterans Day, go check him out. His products are fabulous!

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