Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pookie Tails

I can't believe I haven't introduced the first true loves of my life. Three other little men stole my heart before Wes even came into the picture. They are scruffy, precious, loving little fur babies. The first one was a present for my 17th birthday. Considering I am 29 he is now an elderly little old man dog. He is a Yorkshire Terrier who is named Bentley.

He is a spunky, super smart little dog. He originally lived with my parents when I moved off to college and when I moved out of the dorm I wanted him to come live with me. My mom decided she didn't want to give him up, so herein is where Duncan came into my world.Bentley actually has just started living with me again just recently since my parent's got tired of taking care of him. Duncan is a West Highland Terrier and he is independently, loyal and just all around has a great personality, even though sometimes he is skiddish. Duncan yet again was a birthday present for my 22nd birthday. 

Last and certainly not least is the most spoiled little dog around. Max is a Maltese, he was actually acquired by one of my best friends. At the time he was a gift from my friend's sisters husband to her for graduation. At the time they had a small child and couldn't deal with the extra responsibility of potty training a dog. He was purchased for over $800 and they just gave him to me for free. That's a good deal right?! Wrong :) For the first year of his life he was a terror. By terror I mean pooped, peed, and puked in his cage everyday while I was trying to crate train him. He would wipe his poop on the wall through the cage. Everyday I would have to give him a bath, clean the cage and the wall and whatever else he had gotten his little grummy paws on. He cried all night long like a little baby for an entire year. He was the most stubborn and relentless dogs I had ever come into contact with. The vet told me that is just the nature of the Maltese breed. I thought to myself, well if I can do this I will be prepared to be a good mom one day. Now he is the most precious dog and I truly love him even though we got off to a rocky start. He is a true lap dog who has to be in my lap all the time and sleeps with me by spooning every night with his head on the pillow and he must be tucked in. 

Here are some pics of us this summer:

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