Sunday, November 16, 2014

In preparation for something blue...

Yes, I got engaged a little over four months ago and I have created a small sweat shop in my spare bedroom. Of course I had a Pinterest wedding board completed before I was engaged, with lots of crafty DIY projects and after Wes and I go engaged I went into freak mode. Here are some of the pictures of my creations:
This is just wall art, probably won't be included in the wedding festivities
I plan on putting this out on a table at our reception
Another home decor just for fun. I bought the actual "P" stand and my mom made the pillow and I copied the "P" onto the pillow with a marker. 

This will be placed at our "Thank You" table at our wedding, with Moon Pies as gifts. 
More decor. I ordered the "P" from and the metal actually came off of my grandfather's barn roof.
This is one of my favorites. The frame is from Hobby Lobby and I stapled chicken wire to it and used gator clips to clip the tiny prints to it. The prints came from printsagram.
These lanterns plus about ten or so more came from Target. That is a whole other story. I originally bought this group at one Target and they were marked on clearance, so of course I was ecstatic to get a good deal on wedding decor. I bought all that they had, so I traveled to another Target to get some more. Luckily they had just the right amount. I went up to the register to check out and low and behold they didn't ring up on sale. I politely asked why they didn't ring up on sale because they were in the outdoor clearance section and were marked on the shelf. They told me I would have to speak to the manager in customer service. I thought, ok well since I am buying so many and I love to save money its worth it. The manager were terribly rude and told me if they didn't ring up on sale that they weren't regardless the section or what the shelf said. I was getting ill at this point. I told the lady I had just bough some the previous night and they were all on sale and she said it didn't matter that every store was different and refused to go to the back of the store with me, so that I could show her the shelf price. Then she proceeded to tell me I needed to wait up front, so she could go back and take a look. Yes I told you before she refused to go look at the price and now she is telling me she is going to check. Ridiculous! She then comes back and says I was mistaken. Normally I would have pitched a fit and told her I didn't want them, but when I need something and I am in a bind to get them because they have to match the other ones I already bought I caved in and paid full price. Yes I know how terrible is that?!?! Let me finish my rant by stating that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target and I am not trying to downplay their company, just the manager at this particular store. 

This tree slices will be used as center pieces for the lanterns to sit on with LED candles in them. The slices were cut by Wes' uncle after they had a pool built this summer, they had tons of extra trees laying around. 

These little stickers will be places on the Moon Pies :)

These pictures are just a few of the little creations and/or purchases I have made regarding my wedding crap as Wes would call it. 

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