Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Guess what day it is? Hump Day!

Guess what day it is?? Hump day. I am linking up with Mrs. Sanford for hump day highlight. I am highlighting this week my social studies lessons. Last Friday we had a "snow day" for kids, but a work day for teachers. Our school is somewhat anti-textbooks, but it is really challenging to cover all the social studies standards without any guidance. I have one textbook that I design my lessons around and then it occurred to me if I have a textbook in my class it had to originated from a set. Myself and another teacher went on a hunt and voila we found the mother load in an unused closet. I found an entire set of 4th grade social studies text books. No they are not directly common core, but a lot of the chapters cover the same topics. In saying all that we are learning about the Articles of Confederation. Here are a few of my TPT resources we are currently using. 

Click on the pictures below to find the products on TPT:
Common Core: Social Studies: American Revolution
Common Core:Social Studies: Causes of the American Revolut
Common Core: Social Studies: Declaration of Independence
Common Core: Social Studies: Declaration of Independence C

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