Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebrating the Spring in Our Step Linky & Giveaway

I am linking up with some fellow bloggers to celebrate the season! First off I love spring and even more summer. This time of year when the dark and dismal naked trees come back to life as well as all of the other plants makes me happy. Also I love how our weather changes over night. Two nights ago we had below normal temperatures for Georgia. The low was 26 yipes! According to the weather man that should have been the last freeze for the next two seasons. Happy happy joy joy!! I love hot weather and especially summer time.

I recently started a different fitness routine. A friend of mine has the DVD set of Insanity. Now let me tell you I had been working out around four times a week prior to starting this set, but nothing can prepare you for Shaun T. Today is day 18 and surprisingly it does get easier. Not easy as in I look forward to jumping around for forty five minutes and sweating like a pig, but the results are great! I have gotten better results in the past eighteen days than I did in the seven months of resistance training (even Wes admitted it worked). Wes is a huge skeptic of videos and basically think they are a joke. He has noticed the results and admitted he was wrong?!?!?! Deep down you know that makes a woman smile when a man admits they were wrong about their opinion. Take a look below at the changes.

This spring I am celebrating my future marriage by having bridal showers, teas and get togethers. Last Sunday, I had my first bridal shower which was a Pampered Chef shower. I couldn't be more excited to get all of my goodies in this week. I was blown away by the amount of items I was able to get for free, 60%, and 50% off as well as all the gifts from my friends. This wedding this is really fun!

As I reflect on the spring, I can't help, but reflect on my students. I work at a very high poverty school and my students are living lives completely separate than what "we" did in the "good ole days". For example the last few weeks of school have been me being a criminal investigator of nine year olds. We found blades in the hallway at school that more than likely fell out of a students book bag, I found out one of my student's cuts herself and I got a new student this week that doesn't have a car and lives in a hotel. I truly enjoy teaching, but sometimes when you have to deal with the struggles of real world issues in the school building it is difficult at times.

I am going to put a new product up as a freebie for my teacher bloggers to enjoy.

Common Core: Language Arts: Idioms Posters

My students really enjoyed learning about figurative language. I created this product for them in mind to help with learning various idioms. This product gives an idiom for each letter of the alphabet. These are posters, so that you may hang up in your classroom. Please leave feedback after downloading the freebie!! Happy Spring!


  1. My daughter did insanity!! Incredible results and that guy's voice made me nuts... barking out orders... but he is the man. Loving idioms!!! Thank you!!!


  2. You can definitely see the results from your working out! Great job! Maybe I should try it. It's hard when your kids struggle so much at home. I'm sure they are so thankful to have you to care for them when they are at school.