Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Favorite Things

I am linking up with Teacher Trio for my favorite things for the month of March.

I love shopping at Costco. I have grocery shopping down to an art. I go every two weeks and buy groceries and they usually last until the next visit. The first "favorite things" are Kirkland's dark chocolate covered dried fruit. If you have every had the Brookside chocolate covered pomegranates that you can purchase at Target these are very similar and boy are they tasty. They are my pick-me-up while I am teaching. My second "favorite things" are Scholastic News magazines. I use these A LOT with my students. We do many different activities with these and they also have worksheets you can print to review a variety of standards. My third "favorite things" are Piko shirts. If you aren't familiar with them you need to get familiar with them. They are so soft and comfy and perfect for teachers. They are made from Bamboo and are wonderful go to shirts for teaching daily. 

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  1. Love Scholastic News too! They've been around for quite a while. Must check out that chocolate. Sounds yummy!